Land & Ocean

The protected greenbelt surrounding Laguna Beach is a designated Historic American Landscape by the National Park Service and Department of the Interior. Part of that area includes Laguna Coast Wilderness Park that covers 7,000 acres of open space used for hiking and mountain biking. Things such as our coastal sage are natural assets that arguably set Laguna Beach apart in both physical beauty and quality of life. With 22,000 residents, and 30,000 daily summer visitors, it is no easy feat to manage mobility, parking, and ecological impacts. Laguna Beach must do all we can to assure that these natural eco-systems, and our residents, thrive for seven generations and beyond. To learn more about how you can help protect our greenbelt, visit our partners’ links below.
Laguna Beach State Marine Reserve and Conservation Area is a no-take zone that extends out from Laguna Beach to roughly 2.5 miles offshore. Our choices impact our protected ocean teeming with marine life from algae and kelp to dolphins and whales. It is our responsibility to take steps to help keep our ocean clean and safe from manmade toxins and hazards. To learn about how you can help protect our ocean and water resources, please visit our partners’ sites: