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Laguna Beach


Livable communities have diverse features that satisfy the needs of people of all ages, incomes and abilities in the following categories: Health, Opportunity, Neighborhood, Transportation, Environment, Engagement and Housing. Here are things that make Laguna rank high in livability. Transportation Bike Corral Bike Lanes EV Charging Stations Trolley Tracker Social & Civic Involvement Patriot’s Day […]

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Bluebelt map

Land & Ocean

Greenbelt The protected greenbelt surrounding Laguna Beach is a designated Historic American Landscape by the National Park Service and Department of the Interior. Part of that area includes Laguna Coast Wilderness Park that covers 7,000 acres of open space used for hiking and mountain biking. Things such as our coastal sage are natural assets that […]

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Harvest Fest

Gardens & Farms

One of the strongest groups within Transition Laguna Beach has been the Food Group, which has helped install dozens of edible backyard (or front yard) gardens are residents’ homes through Laguna Beach. The Food Group has also helped install and maintain school gardens at six sites in town, create a food coop where people share […]

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City Repair

Since its inception in 2008,Transition Laguna Beach has partnered with the City of Laguna Beach by educating them on environmental issues, encouraging them to take action, and assisting them in creating plans to move in the direction of a more livable and sustainable city. Below are some outcomes of this partnership. Vision 2030 Mayors Climate […]

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