Gardens & Farms

Harvest Fest
One of the strongest groups within Transition Laguna Beach has been the Food Group, which has helped install dozens of edible backyard (or front yard) gardens are residents’ homes through Laguna Beach. The Food Group has also helped install and maintain school gardens at six sites in town, create a food coop where people share food grown in their garden, and host classes on how to grow, cook and preserve your own food. Below are links to projects TLB has worked on as well as resources to get more involved in Laguna Beach’s gardening community.
Urban Forest
Transition Laguna Beach has been a big proponent of protecting the urban forest in our area by promoting the panting of street trees and sidewalk gardens. We work with local nurseries to focus on planting native and historic species of plants, as well as milkweed to preserve the Monarch butterflies. Not only does this “greening” of the city make it more beautiful, but it also cleans the air, reduces runoff, and provides shade. Below is a list of projects that TLB has worked on, as well as links to partner sites that provide information on how you can help and what you can plant to keep our urban forest thriving.

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